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  Woman in Latvia

Most of the women in Mystic Cafe are looking for the true love. Physical attraction and material wealth are not their primary goal. Living standard in Latvia is lower than the US or any other Western countries. The average income of women employed in Latvia is about $250 to $300 a month; an average English-speaking woman makes around $350 to $400. Most of women in Latvia still live in state owned small apartments with their parents, brothers, and sisters and often with their grand parents. All of state-own apartment buildings are old  in poor condition without any elevators. If they have elevators, I wouldn't even try to get in, risking my life. In some area, they don't even have proper hot running water. They use old buses and trains, which are slow and dirty, shared with hundreds of other people, and are all packed in together. Owning any kind of a car would be luxury. Eating out, in a nice Western style restaurant, is very rare for Latvian people even though for us prices are very inexpensive. 

Around 35% of population in Latvia is Russian. Many Russians in Latvia don't have any citizenship or the right to vote since Latvia declared independence from the former Soviet Union. That is why many Russian women in Latvia seek a better life in a Western country. They have no desire to move to Russia, as the poor life style in Latvia is still so much better than the one in Russia. Women in Latvia are old fashioned and like to look very feminine (sometimes too provocative for conservative Americans) and want to be loved dearly by their husbands. They value their family highly,  wanting to raise their children with good educations. Latvian women love to cook and take care of their husbands. All they wish in return from their husbands is to be loved in a stable living environment for their family.

Russian women in Latvia dream and hope for a better life by marring a man from a rich Western country. Just being in a Western county is already better than being stuck in poor Latvia. Sharing a small apartment with family in other generations is a poor average living situation in Latvia. Russian and Latvian men in Latvia are also in the same situation as women. Women are tired of poor Russian and Latvian men... specially those who have no jobs and get drunk all the time. Russian women hope for their future children to have a better life and a better education than what they have now in Latvia. They all wish their future children to live in a Western country, dreaming a life style that they can only wish for now.

 Exceptions in every cases!

Exceptions in every case! There are people who live in a normal Western life in Latvia. Rich people in Old Town for example. Old Town in Riga is like Beverly Hills or the West side beach cities of Los Angels. You will see many expensive new cars and people dress very well. The cost of living in Old town is as high as any other country. (Tough still less than a half of Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo and Zurich.) The restaurants and hotels in Old Town are not that cheap either. Please be careful when you take out your dates. You need some research on which restaurants you want to go, otherwise, your dates may take you to one of the most expensive restaurants and spend a fortune for a single dinner or drinks. You should be in charge and don't ask your dates which restaurant they want to go unless you want to impress them foolishly. They will pick the most expensive restaurant just because they never been there before. They don't know how much money you can spend. To them, all of the restaurants are just expensive and nice and they can't afford them.

* Here are some of the very important cultural differences and tips on dating Eastern European and Russian women.
Please click below and check it out.
(Important tips on Eastern and Russian women from the men who went through that already.)

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   Mystic Cafe has no mercy on crimes & scams!

Latvian Police Criminal Department
filed a criminal case against Endija Velkere.
She had been taken in to the police station for investigation. If you have any claims or information, please contact Latvian Police. Mystic Cafe fights against crimes, criminals and scams like her.
Write us, if you think you were scammed by her.
Please click her to see her crime in detail.

Don't send any money!

If you don't know or haven't met the person you are corresponding, do not send any money or airline tickets. If she asks you for money, most likely she is using you. Even if you met her and started dating, you never know what her intention would be. If you are scammed or not, to find out, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have you met her family? Do you know her mother and father? Do you talk to them on the phone?
2. Have you met her friends?
3. Have she invited you to her apartment on a different occasion for many times?
4. Have you seen her old pictures? Did she give you her pictures to keep? Did she tell you about her past in detail?
5. Have she ever said, "I love you?"
6. Have you intimately involved with her?

If any of the above questions is "No.", ask yourself if she is looking for a serious relationship with you on the base of love. Maybe you are just thinking that giving money and presents to her and taking her on a pleasure trips will buy her love. Please don't send money or expensive gift to her until all the above questions become 'Yes'. Other wise, she may be just taking you for an expensive ride and you may end up getting hurt.



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