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Q & A:   What should I do now?

"I like to meet the woman I am corresponding with, in person.  I really have good feeling toward her.   I have been also corresponding with a few other women. They all want to meet me. What should I do...?" 

Excuse me... but...  are you nuts?  Take our Romance Tour to Riga and see them there. You deserve to take a trip. It's your only life.

"What about me...? I haven't met anyone yet... Do I have to know someone before...?" 

No. Don't worry. There are a whole lot of pretty women who are dying to meet you at Mystic Cafe, when you take the Romance Tour. You will never be alone there. All the female members at Mystic Cafe are nice and waiting for you to visit Riga. 

There aren't enough men in Riga. Specially nice men from the West. You are the catch for them.

Romance Tour    

Pretty women are everywhere. When you walk around in Riga, you find yourself so busy. One hand, you want to see those beautiful old European buildings, but the other hand (if it's not in your pocket doing something, just kidding), you don't want to miss those beautiful women in tight mini dresses, showing themselves off and smiling at you. Every woman has a killer body. No wonder they dress so sexy in Riga.

Let your blind date guide you around the city. Many young people speak English but it's always nice to have someone who speaks English with you. Because, you want to share all the excitements and surprises you experience with someone special in this town. You are gonna have a non-stop, never ending, fun-packed, 'the time of your life' tour. If your date doesn't speak English, take our beautiful translator on your date. She will be your best friend in town.

Don't forget to adventure around outside of Riga. There are many beautiful and interesting places out of Riga. Beaches are very nice in summer. Young and beautiful women go topless there. (Calm down, Boys.) Good places to check out your dream date's figure. I'm sure she is fine.

When you visit Mystic Cafe and stay in Welcome Inn, you are our special guest. We will arrange a special Romantic guided tour to Sigulda castle for a half day. You can invite a woman of your dream to this trip. We will pack a picnic basket for you and your date with a bottle of Champaign or wine on your request. If you need a beautiful translator, she will come along too. You will have two women and a driver all to yourself.

If you are a golf player, we will arrange a young and beautiful English speaking girl to go around the course with you. If your date has never been or never seen golfing before, she may want to go with you. It's a good opportunity to show her and teach her your latest swing.

A sauna or Jacuzzi may relax your body. There are many sauna houses in Riga. A woman of your dreams may want to come along and give you massage. Make sure to bring a pair of swimming pants to Riga, even in winter.  

You can't be too tired from the day time. Sun sets slowly in summer in Latvia. The night life in Riga is even better. If your date is intellectual, operas and theaters are perfect for you and her. If she is very young and energetic, night clubs and discos may be the place to charm her. If she wants to try something different, casinos are everywhere. You should show her your card technique or craps. You may win big and before you leave Riga, you may be able to buy her a car. If you want to take a break from all your dates, a different type of beautiful women in exotic night clubs will entertain you.

Riga is full of surprises. Your 10 day stay in Riga goes so fast. You will want to postpone your return date. Don't worry. We will arrange it for you in Riga. If you are an American, you don't need a visa. Most of people from the western countries don't need a visa. If you do, we will help you to get it. Just tell us a few days ahead.

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