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Send a kiss to your favorite woman!

kiss mail

A kiss mail is the fastest and the least expensive way to send your message to the woman of your dreams from WOMEN'S THUMBNAILS in Riga. As soon as you send a kiss mail to your favorite woman, we will notify her in person so she will be able to get your kiss mail on the same day. You don't have to wait for weeks to get  her reply back. She may reply your kiss mail within hours, using a computer at Mystic Cafe in Riga.

You only have to pay just 'one way kiss mail' if she has her own e-mail address. If she doesn't have her own e-mail address, don't worry. The Return Kiss Mail will set up a personal e-mail account for her at the cafe. After that you can keep writing her as much as you want for free to her e-mail address.

Warning!  Kiss Mail is non-refundable. Please read the following: Only the women in Riga, can receive a Kiss Mail. You can't send a Kiss Mail to the women in other countries. Those women in other countries won't receive your kiss mail unless you send them a plane ticket to fly to Riga and check your kiss mail. Mystic Cafe is located only in Riga, Latvia. Try the Express mails for the women in other countries.

Express Mail

If you are a literate and want to express your feeling and let her know about yourself in a long love letter, definitely you should write an express mail. A regular US mail takes a week to get to Riga and at least another week for her send you back, if she responds right away. A busy individual like yourself can't wait that long. That's why our Express Mail is very convenient to you. Just like a kiss mail, it will deliver to your favorite woman on the same day, all printed out in a regular letter form. We make sure she gets it. Never get lost, no hustles. Just pick the women of your dreams from WOMEN'S THUMBNAILS.

How do you do it?

Just click on Kiss






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