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Looking for a chance to meet a girl. Here it is! 

Invite the woman of your dreams to the cafe and go on a private live date. All you have to do is to write her ID number and order. We will call her and arrange a date for you.

 Going on a live date is the best way to get to know her without being in Riga.  Don't hesitate, most of the women there want a strong, decision making kind of man. Be creative and send a small gift to charm her on a date. 

Please make a selection from the Cafe Gift Menu and order.

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code

Simply highlight your selections in the box(es) below and the item(s) will be delivered within 48 hours. You can write a short message to her with each order.

If you want to invite your favorite woman to Live Mystic Cafe and watch her receiving your gifts on live, please highlight the Invitation box and specify the date and the time in the Short Message box, we will arrange the date for you. Any woman can be there between 9:00am and 8:00pm, Latvian time. (Latvia is 10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time) You can even call her there at the same time.

Delivery Address and ph # (if known) Short Message

Invitation to Live Mystic Cafe - $20.00
(If you want to see her receiving your gift live on your computer, please indicate a tentative time and date in the right message squire. We will contact her and arrange the date and let you know.)  

Woman's name (must)
Delivery address (if known)

The ID# of the lady (if known)
The phone # of the lady (if known)

Special delivery to her home (in Riga only) with your message. - $15.00
(If you want us to deliver your gift to her home, please check the above square, otherwise she has to come to the cafe and pick up your gift.)

Popular Gifts among women in Riga Pamper Gifts for your favorite woman
1. Long Stem Red Roses - $85.00
2. Bouquet of Flower - $60.00
3. Box of Candy (large) - $35.00
4. Box of Candy (extra large) - $50.00
5. Bottle of Champagne - $30.00
6. Designer Perfume (50ml) - $200.00
7. Designer Cosmetic Kit - $250.00
8. English Russian Dictionary - $50.00
9. Letter set with 10 Stamps - $50.00
10. Mobile Telephone & Set up fee - $300.00
11. Stuffed animals - $85.00
12. Scan up to 5 pictures of her and e-mail to you. - $30.00
A. Flowers or Candies, daily delivery for a week - $300.00
B. Professional Glamour Photo Shoot with pro make up (scan & e-mail her photos to you) - $250.00
C. Party for her at Mystic Cafe w/cake, drinks, & flower - $250
D. Dress of her choice at a designer store in Riga - $300.00
E. English classes; twice a week for Two month - $250.00
F. Computer classes for one month - $250.00
G. Pamper day (massage after sauna with swimming pool) - $200.00
H. One time visit to a sauna with swimming pool - $100.00
I. Special purchase from any store in Riga for her in behalf of your request. - $15.00
J. Travel arrangement for your woman only who is in a relationship with you (plus actual expenses) - $100.00

If you prefer to mail a check or money order please complete this form and submit it.
Then click on mail, fax or call in credit card number.


Please call Riga office now, due to a private tour.
171 Pier Ave. #259
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Tel: (Country Code 371) 721-2669
Cel: (Country Code 371) 950-5658
Vecpilsetas 3 Suite #2, Riga