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  A letter from a couple of our former members  

Hello Mystic Cafe,

Many thanks for the reply. Liga is 23 now (will be 24 shortly). Sharing my life with Liga is the most rewarding feeling that I have ever felt and the most wonderful feeling in the world. I am enclosing a photo from our wedding.  I didn't know much about Riga until I visited it. It was a modern city in many ways, as well as a wonderful ancient in others, this being the "Old Riga" section which is beautiful and romantic. History is all around you while you are in Riga.

We were lucky, Liga worked for an electronical company and she had a computer. This made it possible for us to send e-mails (millions that we still have) back to one another. Normally we would send about 5 to 10 e-mails everyday (plus I would normally call her almost every other day and this was wonderful, however the cost was killing us in long distance fees). 

Hello Mystic Cafe again!

Just recently, my wife Liga and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Never could I have imagined that my life could be so filled with happiness and joy as I have right now with Liga and she has with myself.

Liga and I are best friends, we enjoy doing many fun things together. In February, I surprised my wife by getting tickets to go to Salt Lake City to see her favorite hockey team "LATVIJA play in the Olympics (first time they have played since 1936). Now I must say that I am the biggest Latvija hockey fan in the world. It was an outstanding time, never have I enjoyed something so much. This was because wee met many Latvian fans who were wonderful, so full of spirit and joy. We even had a chance to meet Ms. Vaire Vike Freiberga the President of Latvia.

Over the last couple of years, we also have traveled back to Riga Latvia. As Riga is very important to Liga and myself. It is Liga's hometown and it is my adopted hometown. We love Riga as it is a fun place, full of many things to do. Many nice restaurants, museums, and even a few fun dance clubs. Last year we saw the 800 birthday celebration of Riga and the festivals in Old Riga were something that I will remember for many years.

Thanks again,

T & L




Please call Riga office now, due to a private tour.
171 Pier Ave. #259
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Tel: (country code 371) 721-2669
Cel: (country code 371) 950-5658
Vecpilsetas 3 Suite #2, Riga