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 Party in a hidden paradise, Riga!

The best kept secret!

Beautiful women, nice music, great food & drinks, and medieval adventure, what more can you ask for? Old Town, Riga has them all. Guinness book said Latvia had the highest ratio of women to men in the world. As the matter of fact, Old Town has the dense concentration of most beautiful women in the world and they are very friendly and nice. Our party has been successful for the last 4 years at Mystic Cafe. You can invite any Mystic Cafe women whom you want to meet to the party. You will have endless fun during and after the party with them. You want to go out with the woman of your dreams and adventure around on a maze like cobble stone streets in Old Town. You may not want to find a way and get lost forever with her in Old Town, until, then.... you realize you are in the plane on the way back to your cold and lonely home. 

Endless fun at the party
with gorgeous girls.

 What does the party include?

  1. The best of many new or regular Mystic Cafe women will show up. You can invite up to 2 women you want to meet to the party with a reservation.
  2. The ratio of the women to the men will be 5 to 1, and of cause, they are all nice and pretty.
  3. The party will be held at Mystic Cafe in the Old Town, Riga. You can go out with the women you meet at the party, right there, right after.
  4. There will be lots of champagne, food, drinks, music, & dance for you and the women.
  5. Full access to Mystic Cafe and experience what's like to be out member for a night, where the women from our profiles hang out all the time.
  6. Full access to interpreters and personal introductions at the party so you can meet everybody.

 What's so special about Riga?

  1. You don't need a visa to go to Riga, if you are an US and EU citizen.
  2. The women with a Latvian passport can travel to Europe without a visa.
  3. Most of people in Old Town speak English and other languages.
  4. Entire town has been kept in a nostalgic and unspoiled way.
  5. All the signs of streets and businesses are in readable Latvian alphabet.
  6. Everything is within a walking distance in Old Town.
  7. Everybody, dressing up nice, comes to Old Town from all over Latvia.
  8. You can find everything you need and they are quite reasonable prices.
  9. Women are very friendly and beautiful and easy to talk to at any place.
  10. Old Town is very safe and many police men are at sight and helpful.

  Prices & Dates and what's included. 

The party costs only 66 Ls, including 2 invitations for the women of your choice from the Riga women's thumbnails to join the party at Mystic Cafe.

Dates: TBA, 2006
Reservations: Go to Order Form or call Mystic Cafe in Riga
at 371 (country code) 721-2669.  

  Mystic Cafe Membership 

  • Gold Membership with 8 personal introductions and full access to Mystic Cafe for 3 months costs € 250.
  • Platinum Membership with 16 personal introductions and full access to Mystic Cafe for 6 months costs € 450
  • Each individual personal introduction with no access costs € 50.
  • Visiting Mystic Cafe office room and look through picture profiles is free.

 For reservations, please click to go to Order Form  



Please call Riga office now, due to a private tour.
171 Pier Ave. #259
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Tel: (Country Code 371) 721-2669
Cel: (Country Code 371) 950-5658
Vecpilsetas 3 Suite #2, Riga