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Women are basically the same anywhere... except!

This is the pure truth, unfortunately. That's why they are women and not men. They are a selfish and moody creature. They can't think things rationally. They only hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. If they don't get what they want, they look for better trade-ups. Now getting that out of our system, lets talk about the differences of Eastern and Russian women. The main difference between them are as follows:

Eastern women are very dependent. I can say that from money to love/affection to even decision making. Just about everything. If you are not ready to buy her roses, presents, dinners, and romantic trips, she will not continue to go out with you. Eastern men do that or at least they want to do that. They already have been doing it for years but they are just so poor and can't afford it as much as women want. On the other hand, Western men are much better position, when it comes to money. It's just that from past experiences with Western women, Western men hesitate to buy the way to get woman's heart. Trust me on this and just do it. When you start dating an Eastern European or Russian woman, can you buy her new dresses, new shoes, jewels, electronics, and so on? Can you pay her her apartment and her phone bills? If so, she is all yours. Believe me that the Eastern women want that. They want it as a proof of that you really care for her so much. They are not the Western women and don't want the independency which all the Western women had been fighting for.
(Warning: the above situation is true only after you start dating. Don't send money if you never met the women you are corresponding. Writing and talking on the phone only from overseas doesn't count as dating.)

You have to devote your love to only one woman all the time and have to show it constantly. You have to call her all the time to see if she is OK. After a date, send her home by taxi which you pay, and call her home if she gets home OK. If you don't do this, she thinks you don't care about her or even worse, she may think that you have gone to see another girl. Eastern and Russian men do that all the time. You always have to show that she is the only one for you and no one else. By the way, the woman never call you. You have to call her all the time. Even if you leave a message or she says she will call you, you still have to call her. Otherwise, she will just sit by the phone and wait for your call forever. Call her all the time, once you start dating her. No games are allowed. They are not the Western women.
(Warning: don't call her many times, if you only met her once. The above applies only after you start dating her three or more times.)

More interesting tips are coming in the future.

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