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"All I had to do was act naturally"
I was surrounded by attractive, good women, and all I had to do was act naturally. The best woman in Russia is coming to America to be my wife. The second best one may still be there. Thank you.
Dr. Robert E. Sept. 2000

"Too many women???" I have never gone with any other company, but I truly believe AFA is the best. Their personal service and advice was priceless. I can only think of three complaints about my trip: (1) I couldn't get any sleep for the first five days due to jet lag and excitement. I went about four days and four nights with less than a total of 8 hours sleep. (2) I know you won't believe this, but there were too many women. About 1/3 are "put them on the cover of a magazine beautiful" and by the end of the first week, I was glad I had found my Lena and could just date her and not have to meet any more women. (3) I wish I could have stayed longer and spent more time with my Lena. Listen, I could go on forever and ever. Bottom line is that I do not believe any other tour company could be any better than AFA. The city is full of beautiful women who want to meet and marry an American man who would simply make a decent husband. All you have to do is treat them like a lady, be honest and sincere and the choice is totally up to you.
Eric Fender
St. Petersburg Tour 2000

"Thanks for for the best trip of my life..."
It was ten times what I expected. The customer service I received before and during the trip was more then I could have expected. I felt as though I was treated like a real person, and the sincerity from all was appreciated. The trip was a wonderful time in itself, but add to that the whole romance side of things, and it was well worth the price I paid (and this coming from an Accountant). Looking back now, it was easy to see why we were all so overwhelmed. To go to a very cultured city, to meet 100's (or should that be 1000's) of beautiful women who are just waiting to meet us, this is truly the experience of a lifetime. If anyone ever needs a referral, please feel free to send them my way. If someone is even thinking about doing a trip through AFA, I would simple say DO IT. I wonder why I waited so long. The personal service was unbelievable, even as to going as far as checking with each of us individually throughout the tour, just to see how we were progressing. I think I meet about 20 women I would love to bring back, but stuck with one. But as they say, "you can't always get what you want" so I am not sure if the one I picked will pick me. So I almost sorry to say, but I am sure I will be doing another tour next year. Once is just simply not enough. Thank you again for all that you did, and thank you for providing this incredible service.
Dennis G.

"Politically correct at the expense of candor..."
The arrangements made cover a range since personal preferences vary. our agency provided (a) socials where eligible Russian women, with requests for specific individuals honored if possible, (b) semi-private group encounters, which is really quite good. (c) arranged personal meetings with specific persons (some women find the socials uncomfortable and prefer to meet privately), (d) assistance with one's own arrangements to meet individuals outside any introduction by our agency. With respect to our agency, so far as I could determine, and there was one fellow in my tour who was quite systematic, they are among the top agencies and the choice seems to be more influenced by personal intangibles such as wanting to meet a woman who lives in a major cultural center and so on. The chaps on my trip were all upper middle class with a genuine interest in meeting someone. The women were generally university educated and attractive with a genuine interest in marriage. It might help to bring photographs of one's house, neighborhood, and city. The reason is that the system in Russia generally had everyone living in apartments which were poorly maintained so it was sometimes helpful to have something like that to show the differences in lifestyle. A similar provision applies to personal automobiles which are rare in Russia as a result of an emphasis on public transit. I don't know what article our agency is referring to so I cannot comment on that. There was one article on such agencies in the International Herald Tribune (Natasha meets Joe) that I read while in St. Petersburg. My best general comment is that many such articles are the result of the current fad of being politically correct at the expense of candor, honesty, dealing with the hard truths of life. I mention candor and honesty since that, plus treating the women you meet with the full dignity and respect accorded by traditional families in the West, is appealing to these women.

Yours very truly,
Wayne H.

"Angels in the architecture..."
This trip was a fantastic experience. Some of the guys wanted to find a Russian wife, and some wanted to find a Russian girlfriend (or two) and just have fun. Either way we were not disappointed. I think two or three of the guys actually got engaged on this trip.
The parties were great, and the ratios were mind-boggling. Five or six women per guy, and the girls were young and gorgeous. We actually starting to complain that the ratio was too much to handle! (Women everywhere -- I kept thinking of the Paul Simon song about "angels in the architecture, spinning into infinity.")
The hotel was 4 star with your own room and bath, the Metro was a easy way of getting around, and the palaces of the Tars were a trip.
So, If you're thinking about going -- do it! is run by a group of very hard-working guys who want you to have the best time possible, and you will.
Because of this trip, a Russian girl is visiting me over Christmas, and I'm going back again this summer.
So, do it!
Regards---------Ben Whitehill



Please call Riga office now, due to a private tour.
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Santa Monica, CA 90405


Tel: (country code 371) 721-2669
Cel: (country code 371) 950-5658
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